Tapathon 2021 is being danced to Elton John's 'I'm Still Standing'.  It's a great choice after all that's happened lately.  We're busy learning the routine in our adult tap classes.  We'll be joining other Tapathon types in Barnstaple Pannier Market for this year's performance at 1.00 pm on Sunday 21st November 2021.

Come and experience scores of dancers all tapping together to raise the roof (and funds) for Children In Need.


The TAPATHON group dance is organised by The Performers Project.  

Tap dancers from all over the United Kingdom learn a dance, which is then performed simultaneously at different venues, to raise money for BBC Children In Need.

It's also an attempt on the world record for the highest number of people dancing the same dance at the same time in  different locations. 

In 2019 we topped the record (7,596) with   7,612  dancers of all ages, sizes and abilities, and more  than   £38,300   was  raised for BBC Children in Need. 



Let your feet feel the beat and get Tap Happy!